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Hayward HAXPLT1931 Natural Gas Pilot Replacement

There are three main types of swimming pool heaters that you can choose from. The first type of heater on the market is the solar heater. The solar heater is the most cost effective pool heater. This heating system uses clean and free energy from the sun. The sun’s energy is in plentiful in some parts of the world throughout the year. In such areas the solar heater can provide an ideal solution that is usable throughout the year. Unfortunately with a solar heater you cannot always be assured of getting the temperatures that you demand in your swimming pool in all kinds of weather conditions. This is the perfect heating solution as its operational costs are very low if any.

The second type of heater is the electric heater. The electric heater works in a similar manner to an air conditioner. The heater instead of removing heat from the home it takes in the heat from the surrounding and pumps it into the pool water. Electric heaters are very effective in the provision of water at the required temperatures. Your temperature demands in the swimming pool can easily be met by an electric heater. An electric heater offers a faster recovery time compared to a solar heater. This means that an electric heater of a similar size to a solar heater will heat the swimming pool water at a faster rate than the solar heater.

The electric heater delivers heat to the swimming pool irrespective of the changes in weather patterns. They are capable of delivering consistent and reliable performance in all seasons unlike solar heaters which are dependant on weather conditions. However the performance offered by the electric heaters comes at a cost that is borne by the swimming pool owner. The last type of swimming pool heater is the gas heater. The gas based heater burns either propane or natural gas. This type of heating solution can maintain the pool temperatures at any temperatures as long as the source of energy is in plenty. If you want to have 90°F in your swimming pool that shouldn’t be a problem with this type of swimming pool heater.

The gas heater comes at a cost. Although it is very effective in the provision of ideal swimming temperatures under all weather conditions the cost of gas can be prohibitive. In the last 9 or so years the cost of gas has almost tripled. A gas heater can serve well as a backup heating solution rather than it being the main heating solution in the swimming pool. This is because of the high operational costs associated with the heater. Hayward gas heaters are some of the best. The Hayward H-Series ED1 style pool heaters are energy efficient and they can help to lower the cost of operating a gas heater.

The Hayward HAXPLT1931 natural gas pilot replacement can be used in Hayward H-series style pool heaters to replace a faulty heating system in the heater. You can get to learn more about the Hayward HAXPLT1931 here http://friersonjulius.jimdo.com/2012/05/29/swimming-pool-pumps/.


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